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About us

ARGIS Sp. z o.o. has existed for over 25 years. Initially, the original name of our enterprise was “GUMEX”, where the production scope was the manufacture of gaskets for diesel locomotives. The favorable economic situation and the interest of repair plants caused the company to become a leader in the production of gaskets for diesel locomotives.

In 1994, the company changed its name to STAL-GUM and in this period expanded its assortment range to include gaskets for electric locomotives, electric multiple units, wagons, and passenger carriages. In 2000, the enterprise was transformed into a limited liability company, thus changing its name to ARGIS.

In 2003, the non-pressure production of elastomer seals for doors, windows, and masking strips according to the RAL palette used in rail vehicles (so-called profile cords) was started.

Since then, two departments have been separated, i.e. the elastomer vulcanization department by pressure vulcanization (molded products department) and the elastomer vulcanization department by the non-pressure method (extruded products department). The next stage of the Company’s development was the introduction to the production of loop grips applicable in trams, buses, and trolleybuses.Argis Sp. z o.o. did not rest on its laurels, in 2016 it launched the production of joining profiles by vulcanization at any angle and of various shapes of the profile cross-section.

Thanks to a creative approach, constant search for new paths through the implementation of innovative solutions and careful attention to the quality of the products in October 2018, ARGIS Sp. z o.o. received the 1st degree award in the Product, Service of the Year category for the development and implementation in the form of unity – joining various silicone profiles at all angles into a group that provides the entire elastic sealing of window and door frame in railways.

argis producent uszczelek gumowych i silikonowych